Sulfuric Acid

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It is a strong mineral acid. The concentrated Sulfuric Acid is a dehydrating agent for most of the organic materials and as a result causes exothermic (heating) reaction. Because of this feature, it can damage the skin. It can dissolve at every concentration in water. Its’ mass contains 96-98% of H2SO4. It is a corrosive, colorless and a high density liquid. The Sulfuric Acid, which is a very important chemical compound, is produced in industry for contact or lead chamber method. In these methods, the sulfur dioxide is converted into sulfur trioxide by oxidizing it with oxygen together with various catalyzers and in the final stage, sulfuric acid is obtained after the reaction of water and sulfur trioxide.

The Sulfuric Acid in various concentrations can be used in fertilizers, pigment colorant compounds, explosives, disinfestation, inorganic salt, oil distillery, and metallurgy processes. The main areas of uses of Sulfuric Acid is superphosphate fertilizers, sulphates, cellophane, rayon, detergents, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, boric acid, colorings, colorants, explosive compounds, sulfonated hydro carbons, rubber, alcohols, insecticides. It is also used for oil distillation, in batteries and for ore washing. Various types of batteries can be produced with the sulfuric acid. Most of the sulfuric acids in the market are found in concentrations of 78, 93, or 98 percent

Sülfürik Asit
Formula : H2SO4
Molecular Weight : 60.05
Boiling Point : 1.830 g cm -³
Freezing Point : 338 °C (611 K)
Density :

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Areas of Usage

The sulfuric acid is a basic product of chemistry industry. It is used for producing numerous organic product that are necessary for the production of other acids (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid etc.), most of the sulphates (Sodium sulphate, ammonium sulphate, iron sulphate, copper sulphate, aluminum sulphate) alum and superphosphates as well as colorants, plastics, explosives, perfumery, medicines and artificial fibers. It is also used for distilling special gasses, kerosene and some oils as it can remove unwanted compounds in the form of tar by extracting them. It is used widely for saccharization of starches and alcohol in order to produce glucose, cleaning metal surfaces, producing parchment paper and polish, and removing animal waste. In addition to these, it is used as an electrolyte especially for the lead accumulators.

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Storage and Transportation Information

The Sulfuric Acid is transported and sold in the market in the form of liquid with in-bulk tankers, containers, and polyethylene cans.