Sodium Hypochlorite

Asit Ticaret, Sodyum Hipoklorit

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) is a type of salt. In daily life, it is used for laundry bleach. The contact of this acid with a living tissue can damage the tissue. This substance, which can cause great harm to environment, is produced with combining sodium hydroxide in the soaps and chlorine under normal room conditions.

It is used for purifying wastewater treatment plants as a pH increaser. It does not cause blockage in dosage pumps compared to lime. Therefore, its use is advantageous. The use of protective gloves and glasses minimize the abrasive effect of the caustics.

Sodyum Hipoklorit
Formula : NaClO
Molecular Weight : 74.45
Boiling Point : 40 °C
Freezing Point : 1,20 – 1,27 g/cm³
Density :

Asit Ticaret, Sodyum Hipoklorit Kullanım Alanları

Areas of Usage

It is used for the production of bleach, in textile (for bleaching purposes), as a disinfectant, for water and wastewater treatment, for chlorinating water and in the paper industry.

Asit Ticaret, Sodyum Hipoklorit Depolama ve Sevkiyat

Storage and Transportation Information

It is sold in bulk form in the tankers.