Potash Caustic

 Asit Ticaret, Potas Kostik

It is a white solid substance which is volatile at white heat and which melts at 360°C. It dissolves in water by giving off heat. Potassium hydroxide is an alkaline and it has many areas of usage.

It is a solid, which melts slowly by absorbing moisture. It absorbs moisture and it turns into grey or purple in color with the lapse of time. Alkaline reacts with some metals. (Al, Cu and alloys)

Potas Kostik
Formula : KOH
Molecular Weight : 56.10564 g/mol
Boiling Point : 1320 °C
Freezing Point :
Density : 2.044 g/cm³

Asit Ticaret, Potas Kostik Kullanım Alanları

Areas of Usage

It is a neutralizer for dairy products. It is also used for manufacturing soft soap and manure. With the addition of potassium hydroxide to the shaving foams, obtained from stearic acid and sodium hydroxide, a better foaming is obtained. It is used as an electrolyte for batteries. It is usually used for the products instead of sodium hydroxide, in which sodium content should be limited. It is used for foods, colorants, rubber manufacturing and organic synthesis. It is used in the making of potassium salts; for the synthesis of carbonates, phosphates, nitrates, permanganates, xanthates and iodine, for the industrial type detergents, the formulations of manures in solutions, for insecticides and weed-killers, for pigment production, for rubber manufacture, for additives in rubber manufacture, in the photography industry, medical industry and for the alkaline batteries (battery).

Asit Ticaret, Potas Kostik Depolama ve Sevkiyat

Storage and Transportation Information

It is stored in 25 kg packages.

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