Flake Caustic

Asit Ticaret, Payet Kostik

Sodium hydroxide, also identified as flake caustic or caustic soda is one of the essential raw materials in the chemical industry and it is the commercial name for the most powerful base. Its molecular formula is NaOH. It is usually sold in liquid form but it also has a solid form and it is used for industrial cleansing.

Caustic is not flammable but when it reacts with moisture or water it can generate enough heat to cause ignition of flammable materials. When aerosolizes in air, it enters into a reaction with most of the metals and emits explosive hydrogen gas. This product reacts with water, powerful acids, basic metals, flammable substances, organic substances , zinc, aluminum peroxides and halogenated hydrocarbons. Caustic has different commercial forms according to purity rate (different products having 30% and 46% sodium hydroxide ratio) and it is a powerful disinfectant. This product can be used by diluting and it can be changed into different forms (for example flake caustic) and used in chemical reactions.

Formula : NaOH
Molecular Weight : 40,01 gr/mol
Boiling Point : 2,13 kg/dm³
Freezing Point : 318°C
Density : 1390°C

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Areas of Usage

It is used in pulp and paper industry, explosive industry, purifying water, textile industry, food and aluminum industries, the regeneration of ion changing resins, food industry, ore flotation and process industry, detergent and soap industry, pharmaceutical industry, acid neutralization, oil refineries, agricultural chemicals, paint and artificial silk industries.

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Storage and Transportation Information

Flake Caustic is in granular form. It is sold in polypropylene packages of 25 kg.