Nitric Acid

Asit Ticaret, Nitrik Asit

Nitric Acid is a strong acid consisting of three oxygen, one hydrogen and one nitrogen in its compound. It is represented as “HNO3” in formula. It becomes more dangerous when its concentration is higher. Nitro glycerin is obtained when it enters into a reaction with glycerin. Some salts of the acid can be found as the natural resources. The most important of them is Sodium Nitrate(NaNO3). When you heat up Sodium Nitrate with Sulfuric Acid, Sodium bisulphate and nitric acid will be formed.

Nitric acid is used as a resolvent in cleaning processes, for producing dynamites, for various explosive productions, and for the production of plastics and fertilizers. The nitration processes, which are made with acid, are vital for the industry, and with this method, various materials like plastics, paints and explosives can be produced. Nitric acid can be easily obtained from pharmacy warehouses. Nitric acid is used in most of the explosive compounds because it converts chemicals that will be explosive into nitrate.

Nitrik Asit
Formula : HNO3
Molecular Weight : 63.012 g mol -¹
Boiling Point : 1.5129 g cm -³ sıvı
Freezing Point : 83 °C
Density :

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Areas of Usage

The largest field of use for nitric acid is as an agricultural fertilizer. Nitric acid is used for producing fertilizers containing NH4NO³. When nitric acid enters into a reaction with glycerin, you will obtain nitroglycerine. Since nitric acid can convert chemicals that are going to be explosive into nitrate, it is used for producing dynamites, glycerin-tri nitrate, TNT Tri-Nitro-Toluene in most of explosives. It is also used for purifying metals.

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Storage and Transportation Information

The nitric acid is transported and sold in the market in the form of liquid with in-bulk tankers, containers and polyethylene drums.