Hydrochloric Acid

 Asit Ticaret,Hidroklorik Asit

It is a clear solution with light yellow color, with distinctive strong odor and it is irritant. Its weight is 36.5 kg. It is a caustic acid. It is not flammable but it enters into reaction with many metals and when aerosolized the combustive nitrogen gas is produced.

Due to its acidic characteristic, when it is used or transported, acid resistant personal protection clothes and glasses should be used, and eye and dermal contact should be avoided. It is corrosive against most of the metals. It is found in solutions between 3- 32%.

Hidroklorik Asit
Formula : HCI
Molecular Weight : 36.46 gr/mol
Boiling Point : 110 °C (383 K)
Freezing Point :
Density : 1.18g/cm³

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Areas of Usage

It is one of the essential raw materials of chemical industry and it is used for various purposes. Hydrochloric Acid (Spirit of Salt -HCI) is a type of inorganic acid, which can be used in various lines of business. The concentration of the acid changes according to the field of business it is used. Hydrochloric acid is used for the pickling of steel, forming organic compounds, the production of inorganic substances for many branches of industry, and ensuring pH balance in many sub-fields of industry. It is an essential product of the chemical industry.

Its main areas of usage in industry are as follows; Metal, pharmaceutical, fuel, chemical, food, paint, paper, textile industries and processes with water, resin regeneration, pickling and the production of metal chlorides.

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Storage and Transportation Information

Hydrochloric acid is transported and sold in the market in bulk form in tankers and containers covered with plastic or ebonite like polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC, and in polyethylene cans in liquid form.