Hydrogen Peroxide

Asit Ticaret,Hidrojen Peroksit

Hidrojen Peroksit
Formula : H2O2
Molecular Weight : 34,02 g/mol
Boiling Point : 114 °C
Freezing Point :
Density : 1.19 (%50)

Asit Ticaret,Hidrojen Peroksit Kullanım alanları

Areas of Usage

In the mine industry, it is used for removing the toxic effects of mines,
In the metallurgy industry, for forming metallic surface,
In the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food packaging industries for sterilization purposes,
In purifying wastewater, for obtaining dissolved oxygen and removing the toxic effects,
Eliminates color difference in fabric and whitens it effectively without damaging its fibers.
In paper industry, it is used for whitening papers.
It is also used for whitening pulp, wood surfaces, wool, silk, oil and some foods.

Asit Ticaret,Hidrojen Peroksit Depolama ve Sevkiyat

Storage and Transportation Information

It is stored in barrels of 65 kg or in bulk form in the tankers.