Hydrofluoric Acid

 Asit Ticaret, Hidroflorik Asit

Hydrofluoric acid is the solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF) compound in water. Waterless hydrogen fluoride is a fluid and colorless liquid. It leaves a smoke in the air. Its melting point is -83 °C and boiling point is 19,8 °C. Hydrogen fluoride easily dissolves in water and its solution in water is called as fluoride acid or hydrofluoric acid. Although hydrofluoric acid is not a very strong acid, it corrodes glass and metal substances. For this reason, it is stored in platinum, paraffin, polyethylene containers. The technical fluoride acid is 70% in volume. Its density is 1.13g/cm³. The pure liquid hydrogen fluoride does not conduct electricity but when dissolved in water it is ionized and can conduct electricity. Hydrogen fluoride is a stable molecule at high temperatures. At low temperatures, the molecules associate and create molecule groups like (HF)6, (HF)7, (HF)8. This association is created by the formation of hydrogen bridges between the molecules. As a result of this, hydrogen fluoride boils at a higher temperature compared to other hydro halogenures.

Hydrogen fluoride is obtained in the industry mostly treating calcium fluoride with sulfuric acid. Hydrofluoric acid is used for the production of high-octane fuel and synthetic cryolite (Na3AlF6). It is also used for drawing figures on glasses. In order to do this, first the surface of glassware should be covered with a paraffin layer. Then, with the help of a steel pen, the desired figure is drawn on the paraffin. These lines are applied with hydrogen fluoride gas or solution. After the paraffin is cleansed from the glass, the figure on the glass shall remain.

Formula : HF
Molecular Weight :
Boiling Point : 19,8 °C
Freezing Point :
Density : %1.13g/cm³

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Areas of Usage

Hydrofluoric acid is used for the production of high-octane fuel and synthetic cryolite (Na3AlF6). Moreover, it is used for drawing figures on glass surfaces

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Storage and Transportation Information

It is stored in platinum, paraffin and polyethylene containers.