55th Year as the Chemical Substance Supplier

 Asit Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Our company founder, who has contributed to the development and structuring of the chemical industry with his successful works in the chemical substance sector since 1955, who values institutional, systematic, methodic and honest work, and who stepped up our development with his original ideas concerning sales management, has founded Asit Ticaret Ltd. company in 1975, after withdrawing from the partnership in Unkapanı -İstanbul Teknik Ticaret Koll. Şti.

While Asit Ticaret, who focuses on the sale of acids and chlorine-alkali chemicals, was carrying out sales and distribution throughout the country with its one tank ship and liquid tank trucks, after 1985 it closed down the storage in Haliç-İstanbul and opened up two different storages on the Anatolian and European sides of İstanbul, and continued to provide service with its tank truck fleet.

Our company has been purchasing chemicals from the fertilizer, nitrogen and chlorine-alkali factories for many years, has been acting as the dealer for the sale and distribution of them domestically, and importing some chemicals from far east and Europe.

In the meantime, a structuring, which would provide 24 hours of swift service, has been ensured by improving the storage, shipment and logistic capacity for the increasing demands of chemical substance from our company, whose customer mass and product range have been increasing.

In line with our developing industry, since the chemical substance demands, amounts and characteristics have been rapidly increasing, a marketing and sale team comprising of chemical engineers has been established within the body of Asit Ticaret, and vital steps were taken towards institutionalization.

The essential chemicals, which are in the portfolio of our company, address almost all sectors and this provides us a large perspective and market knowledge.

We are conducting domestic and international researches for the customer demands in every category of chemical substance, and we are trying to offer the utmost assistance with our experienced team. Our general sale policy is based on meeting the customer demands for the last 55 years consistently under the best conditions possible and without taking into consideration whether the prices of chemical substances increase or decrease in the market.