Phosphoric Acid

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Phosphoric acid comprises of phosphor, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. Its formula is H3PO4. Commercially, it is produced by heating calcium phosphate rock particles with sulfuric acid. Purer versions of phosphoric acid are solid crystal substance, which has a melting point of 42 °C, and in lower concentration form, they turn into colorless liquids with the consistency of syrup. The phosphoric acid and its salts (Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium) are known as the only organic acid group, which regulates acidity, and they are the cheapest ones with the lowest pH value and with the strongest effect. From the phosphoric acid, which is a tribasic acid, orthophosphate salts are formed with one, two, or all of the three hydrogen ions replacing other positive ions. These salts are used for fertilizers, electrochemical polishing and shaping, and cleaning metals. They come in the second place as the acid regulators, which are used in the food industry.

The phosphoric acid is mostly used for the production of fertilizers with phosphates and in pharmaceutical industry, in insecticide production, in the cleaners, in the oil industry, for the removal of undesired catalyzers, aluminum processes, for surface cleaning and smoothing, and for the polishing and tanning of leathers. Phosphoric acid salts have many uses in the food industry. While it works as a buffer and acid regulator for baking powders, it is also used to acidify the acidic beverages like Cola and melting salts for the processed cheese. Apart from these, phosphoric acid is used as water binding for foodstuff and for antimicrobial purposes.

Fosforik Asit
Formula : H3PO4
Molecular Weight : 98 gr/mol
Boiling Point : 1.694 °C
Freezing Point :
Density :

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Areas of Usage

Sector: Agriculture, food, metal working, leather, cosmetics, detergent, construction chemicals, refined oil, and galvano. It is used for souring of smooth beverages like Cola, for pH control in producing imitation jelly, as a medium compound in yeast production, for the bacteria progress control for selected processed foods, as a precipitant agent for clarifying sugar juices after lime defecation, used as an exterior teeth cleaner in dental and orthodontia, for insecticide production, for lowering the Ph. values of solutions in floriculture, for production of phosphate salts, for tanning and polishing processes of leather, for preventing the oxidation of surfaces in steel industry and for cleaning the undesired catalyzers in oil industry. This acid and its salts have many intended uses in the food industry. It is used as an acid regulator for baking sodas, as a dissolvent in cheese industry, and as water binding for various foods.

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Storage and Transportation Information

It must be stored in dry and well-ventilated places. It must be stored in acid-resistant and well drainage places. It should be kept away from strong bases, reducing materials and flammable compounds. It must be stored in firmly closed containers away from heat, water, and direct sun exposure. The package containers must be protected from physical damages and corrosion. The containers should be chosen preferably from stainless steel 1.4541 ( DIN 17440 )