Iron3 Chloride

 Asit Ticaret , Demir 3 Klorür

Demir 3 Klorür
Formula : FeCI3
Molecular Weight : 162.2 gr/mol
Boiling Point : 1.560 °C
Freezing Point :
Density : ~ 1.89 g/cm³

Asit Ticaret , Demir 3 Klorür Kullanım Alanları

Areas of Usage

It is an important coagulant for treatment of wastewater and obtaining potable water.
It is used as a catalyzer for obtaining ethylene dichloride in industrial chemistry.
It is also used for industrial production of vinyl chloride and obtaining monomer from PVC.

Asit Ticaret , Demir 3 Klorür Depolama ve Sevkiyat Bilgileri

Storage and Transportation Information

It is sold in drums, in IBC tanks and in tanker.