Caustic Pearls

Asit Ticaret, Boncuk Kostik

Caustic pearl, which is one of the essential chemicals, is used as common as water. It is usually used as a cleaning agent in the industry. It is a powerful disinfectant. It is used for olive cultivation in food industry

Formula :
Molecular Weight :
Boiling Point :
Freezing Point :
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Asit Ticaret, Boncuk Kostik Kullanım alanları

Areas of Usage

It is used in pulp and paper industry, explosive industry, water treatment industry, textile industry, food industry, aluminum industry, for the regeneration of ion changing resins, in the food industry, for the ore flotation and ore-dressing, in the detergent and soap industry, pharmaceutical industry, for acid neutralization, petroleum refinery industry, agricultural chemicals industry, paint industry and artificial silk industry.

Asit Ticaret, Boncuk Kostik  Depolama ve Sevkiyat Bilgileri

Storage and Transportation Information

It is stored in 25 kg polypropylene packages.

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