Barium Chloride

asit Ticaret, Baryum Klorür

It is a substance, which has 2 moles of crystalized water (BaCl2.2H2O) in its structure, which dissolves in water, is effective for Sulphuric Acid and it is used as medicine in the veterinary medicine. It is found in the form of white powder. It is hygroscopic.

Formula : BaCl2
Molecular Weight : 244,3 gr/mol
Boiling Point : 1.560 °C
Freezing Point : 3.9 gr/cm³
Density :

Asit Ticaret, Baryum Klorür Kullanım Alanları

Areas of Usage

It is used in industry, in the manufacture of leather, rubber, cloth and photo paper; with Sodium Sulphate, it is used as a white pigment and a filling material. It is also used in heat-treatment baths. It is mostly used in laboratories to test for sulphate ion. In the industry, it is mostly used for purifying saline water solutions at caustic chlorine factories. In addition, it is used for producing other barium salts.

Asit Ticaret, Baryum Klorür Depolama ve Sevkiyat Bilgileri

Storage and Transportation Information

It is stored in 25 kg packages.